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yes, she’s talking about feminism again.

July 4, 2012 3 comments

If you’re my friend on FB you’ll know I’ve been ranting about this topic a lot lately.

And then my friend posted a link to this blog post (not hers) and honestly, I just cannot take this sh*t anymore. Not another second.

My comment in response was this:

“Just the first sentence is utterly ridiculous. Feminism is a load a crap because her fragile belief system couldn’t relate to the idea of the word womyn? Because one woman wrote an article about how SAHMs can’t be feminist? I suspect she wrote this for attention, for traffic. If her idea of feminism is so easily shaken, she doesn’t have a clue what feminism is. As long as she or any of us believe that women should have the right to determine our own lives, careers, whether or not to have children, whether or not to marry, to get an education, to earn the same as men in similar professional positions, to work or stay home and raise kids (and I believe that men should also have the choice) she (and we) are feminists. That’s the core. Around that core are many different opinions and schools of thought. Some extreme, some less so. As long as we believe in the core, we are feminists. Like I said, TIME writes an article about mothers and she’s all crying into her latte cause she can’t be a feminist anymore? Give me a break.”
And then I stopped. But I want to go on. I want to go on and on and on. I want to give these women and men a good hard shoulder shake and say “really? really?”. Because if we’reĀ  not feminists, we have no business voting, or working, or doing pretty much anything other than living in the roles prescribed us by a patriarchal society.
Women went to prison in the early 1900’s so we could have the right to vote. Women were ostracized, bullied, threatened and hurt for the freedoms that we take for granted.
Yes, there are different schools and movements and theories and controversies within the feminism movement. But at its core, it’s about the struggle for women’s rights and equality.
Unless we are willing to go back to the way things were, none of us have the right to renounce feminism.
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