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Leap of faith

February 29, 2012 2 comments

Two things:

1. Today is my and Moran’s 8th anniversary.

2. A few days before I started working at the job where I met Moran, I got an eye infection. Then I got the flu. One night I went to sleep, and when I woke up in the morning my eye looked something like this:

This is the letter he wrote me today:


Our 8th anniversary!

So exciting!

I am so happy we met one another.

I remember the first day I met you. It was Sunday, April 2nd 2000.

You were sitting behind a desk as I entered the room, and when my eyes met your eyes for the first time I thought to myself: “WTF?! What happened to her eye? Is it permanent?”

That was our lowest point ūüôā

Ever since, I noticed how great you are. I started to like you more and more, and then love you more and more. Today I love you so much it’s impossible to think what I would have done without you.

You (and both of your little x chromosomes) are my life!

I love you.

Happy anniversary,


EDIT: Moran gave me permission to put in the rest…

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Blogging 101

February 7, 2012 Leave a comment

Most sites will tell you that if you want a successful blog, you need to find your niche and stick to it: mommy blogging, design blogging, tech, auto, finance, etc. The key message? Stay on subject.

Thing is, I can’t. I can’t stay on subject in real life¬† and I can’t do it¬†here.¬†I figure I’ll just¬†continue blogging about whatever issue is currently making the most noise in my head:¬†politics, design, family, start ups…

So if you’ve come for parenting anecdotes and you suddenly get an article about start ups that you find so tedious you’d rather be made to watch 24 hours of channel 1¬†than finish reading it, simply¬†click on the x quick as a heartbeat and just close the window. There! Nothing to see here! Move along like it never happened! But please come back. I promise to write another sweet story about the terrible twos and f***&E*&$g-awful-really?-really?-please-stop-spitting-on-your-sister-don’t-you-talk-to-me-like-that-young-lady-OMG-I’m-my-mother-fives.