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A typical conversation with Niv

N: Ima, what are you doing?

L: I’m using this machine called a babyliss to straighten a few pieces of my hair.

N: Why?

L: I want to see how it looks.

N: Don’t you like your curls?

L: I do like my curls. But I thought it would be fun to try something different.

N: Oh. Ok.

L: (huh. that was surprisingly ea…)

N: What if your curls don’t come back?

L: They will when I wash my hair.

N: How do you know?

L: Because when a person who has curly hair uses this to straighten it, the curls will come back when the person washes them.

N: Have you done this before?

L: Nope, first time.

N: So how do you know for sure the curls will come back?

L: I just know.

N: How?

L: Well actually a hairdresser has done this to my hair before, so I know once I wash my hair the curls will come back.

N: So you HAVE done this before? You said you haven’t.

L: (oh for f…) I said I haven’t because this is the first time I’m doing it. By myself.

N: You need to decide. Either you’ve done this before or you haven’t.

L: I did explain it. I haven’t done it to my hair, but a hairdresser has.

N: Ahhh.

L: Yes.

N: So you’ve done it before.

L: Right.

N: So if you’re doing it again, that means you don’t like your curls.

L: Niv, put your head down on that pillow, close your eyes, and go to sleep. Right. Now.

N: But…

L: No buts. Now.

N: Oooof, you NEVER answer ANY of my questions!!!  NEVER EVER!

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