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Seeing red

You just know. Sometimes you hear the bump or the crash and you know that your child is fine. Even if they’re screaming bloody murder, you know before you get to them that they’ll probably just have a small bump or a bruise or whatever and it’s no biggie. 

But other times…other times there’s that strange, hard-to-describe quality to the sound of your child colliding with something hard, and as you hit the ground at a dead run you know…you. just. know…there is going to be blood.

I fetched Niv early and took her to the bumper cars at Arena mall. I was all about good intentions (road to hell I know) – I just wanted to spend some one-on-one time with her. She was having a blast driving around like a little maniac – the rink was empty and she was doing great. But then for some reason she came on full speed towards the side of the rink and a split second of a heartbeat before the car crashed into edge she got distracted and let go of the steering. I heard the crack and as I ran towards her I knew I was going to see red, I just wasn’t sure where it would be coming from.

Her nose. Again. That poor little sweet nose has taken more than it’s fair share of bumps. At least it’s not another grey tooth. My God we are a classy bunch.

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